Saturday, February 1, 2014

RoA 3 Cover Plus More

As promised, here it is!

So, it obviously doesn't mash with the covers for Fracture and Shatter. Unfortunately, I am unable to continue with that line of covers. That has been the main thing holding up the release of Gather. Because this has been a problem since I first began this series two years ago, I've decided to create a simpler line of covers.

So there will also be new covers for Fracture and Shatter. And here they are.

These covers are very simple, but from here I'm planning to quickly finish this series. After I've written and released all of the books, I will worry about the cosmetic stuff. It's not how things are usually done in this business, but sometimes life takes strange turns. I don't want to keep readers waiting anymore, and the release of each book after Fracture has taken so much longer than I ever wanted. This should help speed things up significantly.

I will be changing the covers for Fracture and Shatter shortly before the release of Gather.

Have something to say about the cover changes? Share your thoughts here, on Twitter using #RiftofAskrah, or message me any other way you can think of or find.


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